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28-Day Probiotic Tea: $44.99 vs. $34.99

28-Day Probiotic Tea This tea will help you suppress your appetite, promote gut health, increase your energy level, reduce bloat and discomfort, and improve your digestive system. Ingredients: organic lemon myrtle, holy basil, spearmint, ginger root, linden blossoms, and rose hip

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Fit Girl Core Program

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What's Included:

  • 30-day meal plan
  • 30-day course and community access
  • 5 customized grocery lists and workout calendar

What people are saying:

After just a week of working with Farah, and the Thick, Bold, and Healthy team, I was able to lose 17lbs and go down two pants sizes. She’s very patient and listens to your concerns about changing your lifestyle. The best part is she didn’t just provide a meal plan. She provided help in other areas like self-care that we may not realize affects our weight.

~ Donyelle, Arizona

On Monday Morning I weighed 263. It is now Friday Morning and I weigh 260.4. It has only been 4 days. (Non-scale victory) When I first put my waist beads on they were stuck in one place lol. Now they are just sliding up and down. I am so excited to see my results after 30 days.

~ Essence, Virginia

As I continue on this challenging journey of plant-based menus…. I am happy to report that the pounds are coming down according to my scale. Today’s weigh-in shows 338.9. I started at 343. I’ll take that 😊😉

~ Valerie, Illinois

I’m down a total of 10 pounds! I feel less bloated and sluggish. I don’t like Tofu but I just substituted it with fish. I’m happy with my results.

~ Lisa, North Carolina

I normally don’t like weighing myself. That’s why I stick to what I see and how I feel. This week, I realized that my stomach is shrinking. I asked my husband to feel my stomach and the hump that was at the start of my stomach is no longer there. I’m also very regular during this plant-based lifestyle. I know my digestion is thanking me.

~ Deonna, Virginia

I dropped 12 pounds this month and I plan to continue after the 30-days. I’m so happy and proud of myself. My relationship with food has improved.

~ Alex, Virginia